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Benetti hosts opening cocktail of Sugar Golf Tournament

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Sugar_Golf_Tournament_2015On Wednesday March 25th, Benetti Yachts hosted a gorgeous oceanside cocktail to welcome the more than 400 guests of the 30th annual Casa de Campo Sugar golf tournament hosted by Alfy Fanjul. 

Over 200 golfers playing in teams of 2 took part in the annual golf tournament, headed by Alfy Fanjul, President and CEO of the Central Romana Corporation in La Romana, which raises funds for the Fundación MIR.

Arriving to the Casa de Campo resort on Wednesday March 25th, the enthusiastic golfers headed straight out onto the courses for practice rounds on the Teeth of the Dog, Links, Dye Fore or the La Romana Country Club, before convening later that evening at the Marina Casa de Campo for the welcome cocktail.

This year, IBI Yachts chose to host the gathering on the Paseo del Mar, just outside of their offices in the Marina Casa de Campo. Under a beautiful starry sky, this breezy seaside location was the perfect location for the nautical themed celebration hosted by Bennetti Yachts.


Acting as hosts of the occasion was Tommaso Bilotta, the Azimut-Benetti Vice-President for the USA, as well as Mauro Caslini President and CEO of IB Nautica, who welcomed the guests alongside Jamie Niven, chosen to say a few words on behalf of Alfy Fanjul who unfortunately couldn’t make the opening cocktail.

Also sponsoring this enchanting evening was Pratesi, who having just opened in the Marina Casa de Campo gave all the participants a beautifully embroidered golf towel.


Following the welcome cocktail with Benetti, the 30th annual Casa de Campo Sugar golf tournament continued with practice rounds on Thursday, and the tournament rounds on Friday and Saturday. Ladies teeing off around the Dye Fore (Lakes/Marina), as well as the Links, while the gentlemen golfers will play on the Teeth of the Dog and the La Romana Country Club. The event then came to a close with the prize-giving and dinner party at the La Romana Country Club on Saturday evening.


The above photography by Roger Ramirez.

The following collection of photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia and Roger Ramirez during the Welcome Cocktail hosted by IBI Yachts at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club in the Marina Casa de Campo on Wednesday the 25th of March: 

IBI Yachts 

IBI Yachts has been the representative of Benetti in the Dominican Republic for over 15 years.

The Benetti Class Range comprises of semi custom yachts in various sizes, from 93′ to 160′, followed by the Benetti fully customized yachts from 150′ and upwards.

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The Azimut-Benetti Group

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The Azimut-Benetti Group’s portfolio comprises of a series of prestigious brands: Atlantis, Azimut Yachts, Azimut Grande, and Benetti, each addressing a clearly-demarcated section of the nautical market, and Yachtique, the division offering exclusive services to yacht owners, in addition to Fraser Yachts, specializing in brokerage and chartering.

The Azimut-Benetti Group operates in 68 countries through a sales network of 138 sites.

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