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Last Thursday, January 18th, The Dirección General de Cine, Chavón School of Design, and Casa de Campo put on their second outdoor movie at the amphitheater and it was a huge success! The cool evening sky cleared and bright stars lit up the night sky as Nana, the documentary, played on the big screen! Nana, a Dominican documentary by Santo Domingo filmmaker Tatiana Fernández, follows the story of three different Dominican nannies, Leidy, Fina and Clara, who leave their children with relatives to go work as live-in caregivers in other cities. Tatiana Fernández attended the showing and spoke to the audience about her inspiration for the project.  The film began as her thesis plan and developed into the work of art that it is now.  She was inspired by her friends children’s nannies, and their stories.  When she attended birthday parties and events she found herself wondering where the nannies came from and where their children were while they were taking care of other people’s children.  Tatiana herself grew up with a live-in nanny and her curiosity evolved into her thesis and finally into this film.  Tatiana is a very talented filmmaker, and she has a magical way of not only showing the feelings that each character in the film is experiencing but she has a way of spreading those same feelings to the audience. The film sucks the audience in, whether it is a rural scene or an urban scene, the emotions of each moment are beautifully portrayed and hit home for audience members.  Tatiana’s critique on motherly love is something that each person can relate to and Nana creates a dialogue beyond just personal individual motherly love and opens the conversation up to universal motherly love and what that means.  The film gives perspective and awareness to the sacrifices live-in nannies make as well as exposes the extreme contrasts between the affluence that exists and the poverty that is just around the corner.  It is a tragically beautiful documentary that evokes emotions and critical thinking. Not just a film to enjoy in the moment, but a film that leaves a lasting impression on its audience!   Be sure to stay tuned for next month’s open-air movie in the amphitheater!  There is nothing that compares to watching a movie outside, under the stars, on the big screen!  The following pictures were taken by Laura Perdomo, Thursday, January 18th, at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater during the showing of Nana: