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142 students graduated from the Fundación MIR schools

Fundación MIR Graduation

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Fundación MIR GraduationThe Fundación MIR celebrated the graduation of 142 students of the Politécnico (Polytechnic) MIR and Polytechnic MIR Esperanza, during a ceremony attended by hundreds of relatives and friends of the graduates.

Lian Fanjul, GraduationThe ceremony was led by Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, Founder and President of Fundación MIR, along with her daughter Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul, Vice President of Fundación MIR.

The graduation began with a parade of students from the corresponding technical specialties of the 2014-2015 school year in the areas of: Hostelry, Mechanics, Accounting, Electricity, Nursing and Culinary Arts.

The event was held at the multipurpose hall of Campo Nueva Esperanza and had an opening prayer carried by Sister Ana de Jesús Luque, Superior Mother of the Order of Presentation, who directs both campuses under Catholic teaching.

In the graduation ceremony, students Bilenyis Beltré Mejía from Politécnico MIR, in the area of nursing, and Maiker Avila López, from Politécnico MIR Esperanza in the area of Culinary Arts, were recognized as “Excellence Students” (Estudiantes de Suma Excelencia).

During her encouraging words to the graduating class, Mrs. Lian Fanjul de Azqueta urged students to pursue their dreams and always keep firm convictions. “I am very proud of your achievements, because you have persevered on your studies and today are an example to your family and society”,  she expressed.

She also emphasized the economic contributions which companies, such as Central Romana, and important friends and private entrepreneurs make, which helps maintain her social projects, including the MIR schools.


For her part, Lyanne Azqueta Fanjul, Vice President of Fundación MIR, highlighted the efforts made by all teachers in the schools of the Fundación MIR, to provide an excellent education based on good values. Adding that “For 25 years, Fundación MIR has been concerned and has worked in providing access to disadvantaged youth to a better education that otherwise they would not have”.

The surprise of the evening was when the Directors of the Fundación MIR, announced that one of the students will be awarded a scholarship by MIR, to continue their university studies.

The graduating class activity ended with the graduating class’ song and the classic cap throw the air to celebrate the closing of an important cycle in their lives.
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