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Strikingly Long Necklaces that Grab Attention

Long Necklaces 2

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Long NecklaceLong pendant necklaces have not gone unnoticed this season. How could they?! We have seen many designers large and small indulging this eye-catching trend.

Long Necklace VerticalConsider necklaces ranging from 60 to 95cm in length as a year-around go-to. Wear them during the winter with a low décolletage to fabulous holiday parties, or over a turtleneck in the cooler air when you jet off on vacation. Long necklaces perk up simple T-shirts and can give a relaxed look something special.

Choose ones with junky jewels, Swarovski crystals, or tassels to opt for a more striking dynamic. The best part of these statement pieces is their variety, appearing in different styles for all types of personalities. For a definite in-vogue option, choose a pendant with natural stones, or funky hardware as seen on the most extravagant models.

Long Necklaces 2

We know traditional length necklaces (43cm) aren’t likely to go out of style, but with the holidays around the corner and a superb 2016 ahead, we can’t help but stay on top of these striking trends.

Clarlin Rivera – Joyería Contemporánea

Location: Gol Plaza – local #6B, Calle Altagracia No.13, La Romana, República Dominicana.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9am – 2pm and 3pm – 6pm

Contact: (829) 345-0228 – [email protected]

Clarlin Rivera - Joyería Contemporanea_1About Clarlin Rivera

Clarlin Rivera, was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. She graduated from goldsmithing, jewelry design and color and style consultant in Syntra Brussels, Belgium. She is member of the platform for Latin American goldsmiths, Andes Joya. In her career, Rivera has done collective exhibitions called “San Juan Beauty Show” in Puerto Rico in her beginning by 2007. In 2011, a group exhibition entitled “Eindwerk” in Syntra Brussels, Belgium, and, finally, in 2013 with “RotaBazaar” in La Romana.

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