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marina casa de campoLast Thursday the 19th of July the Azimut Café in the Marina Casa de Campo celebrated it’s 2nd monthly live music event; the “Atardecer con sabor a música”, an event which attracted rather a large crowd of Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors who enjoyed a splendid evening listening to jazz music, drinking champagne and chatting to friends.

Jazz Night at the Azimut Café in the Marina Casa de Campo marina casa de campo

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The event, sponsored by Casa de Campo Living, the Casa de Campo news and events website and Silgon Inc.,Marketing, Web Development & Publishing Services as “Media Partners”, began at 6pm, which, uncharacteristically for an event in the Dominican Republic was when the first guests started to arrive. In fact, the enthusiasm for the event was so great that by 6.40pm, every seat on the outside terrace was taken and with pleasure the event’s hosts; Mauro Caslini and Alice Caslini de Moriconi laid out even more seating to accomodate the ever growing crowd of jazz lovers!

Providing the entertainment once again was talented Haitian saxophonist, Jean-Eric Massena, who also performed recently at the cocktail inauguration of the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavón and who specializes in Saxo Soprano and Saxo Alto, creating an atmosphere perfect for sipping champagne at sunset.

After this month’s edition of the “Sunset Jazz Night” we were able to get together with Alice Caslini of the IBI Nautica, the event’s glamorous hostess to find out a little bit more….

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@cdcliving: Why did you decide to organize a Jazz Night?

Alice: Many people are very passionate about Jazz music, it’s the perfect “tres d’union” for enjoying a glass of champagne or wine with friends. For me, Jazz music perfectly suits the sophisticated ambiance of the Marina Casa de Campo. @cdcliving: How did the event go? Alice: The event went very well, thanks to the huge number of people who showed up! About 100 people passed by, which really surprised (and pleased) us, this time we changed the day from a Friday to a Thursday and it had also rained heavily just a few hours earlier….. On this occasion, the jazz artist Jean-Eric Massena presented a superb repertoir of latin jazz, which was received with enthusiasm by all our clients present – until long after sundown! @cdcliving: What does the Casa de Campo community think about this event?  Alice: As far as I can tell, the Casa de Campo community is really enthusiastic about the event, we’re repeating it every month and the community as well as visitors to the Marina Casa de Campo and Casa da Campo have shown great interest. @cdcliving: What’s next? Alice: The next “Sunset Jazz Night” will be on Sunday the 19th of August and will serve as the “closing” to a fun-filled weekend in Casa de Campo – for this event we are planning to bring a different group of musicians with an original and unique repertoir of music. After that the next event will be mid-September – we will announce that date soon!

As the “Media Partner” for this monthly musical event aimed at uniting the Casa de Campo community, we (Casa de Campo Living) would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the event, as well as to Alice Caslini for inviting us to get involved.

“We love to see local businesses take a risk and do something fun and unexpected – especially when they focus on growing our community of villa owners and residents. When Alice [Caslini] mentioned the idea, we were excited to get involved and help bring a little more life and entertainment to Casa. It would be wonderful to see even more businesses think of interesting and different ways to engage the community – who are clearly very supportive and wanting of such initiatives.  We are proud to be able to work with the Azimut Café on this project and to bring our community many more wonderful evenings enjoying the sounds of soothing jazz, conversations amongst friends and a beautiful sunset kissed ambiance. We hope to see everyone very soon for the next installment of the Azimut Sunset Jazz night, on Sunday August 19th.”

— Philip Silvestri, Founder and CEO of Silgon Inc.

The following photos were taken during the Sunset Jazz Night at the Azimut Café on July 19th 2012:
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