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SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Newest CCL edition out now!

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Casa de Campo Living spring edition is here! This edition is all about sports and friendly competition, and the benefits that come from them. Whether you have a competitive side and love the thrill of an intense game or are more of a spectator with a glass of champagne watching from the sidelines, this edition of Casa de Campo Living covers it all!

Pickleball has become quite the craze in the Casa community, with pick up games happening almost every morning and the number of players doubling. But what exactly is Pickleball and where did it come from? The sport itself has an odd name and combines many racquet sports in one. It has gained a big following thanks to its inclusivity. One game can be played with people from multiple generations at the same skill level speaking multiple languages, no problem! Talk about unique and a perfect fit for our community!

Feed Your Way To Fit is your nutricional guide to staying on top of your athletic game. After all, you can never out-train a poor diet. Follow Jaqueline Banks and learn the proper diet for the journey that you are on. Many people believe that simply cutting out foods works for a plethora of results but the truth is that depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are certain food formulas to get you exactly what you are looking for.

Wanda Rijo was a pioneer in Dominican sports, putting the DR on the map during weightlifting competitions around the world, competing in the olympics and earning herself a spot in the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame. In a time when weightlifting was new to the country, and wasn’t easily accessible, especially to young girls, Wanda had a dream and never gave up. Her story is an inspiration reminding us all to pursue our passions, regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead.

Children these days have so many things available to occupy themselves from boredom it seems that the days of hopscotch and tag are long gone. Rarely do you see children in a parking lot or out in a large garden chasing one another around until sundown. In the article, Popular Traditional Games Kids No Longer Play we get nostalgic remembering the fun, old school imagination based games in hopes of inspiring kids today to get back outside and chase each other around for some good old fashioned fun!

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