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The beauty of Casa de Campo – a Lunar Halo

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Recently, on Saturday the 5th of September, a very rare and special lunar phenomenon was spotted from Casa de Campo. Whilst enjoying a drink at a friends house it was noticed the full moon and surrounding it was a glowing ring of light – that looked exactly like a halo. The photo you can see above is the photo I took which shows the full moon in the centre and its halo glowing around the outside.

The phenomenon is know as a Lunar Halo, the ring is formed when moonlight is refracted (bent) when passing through ice crystals. Lunar rings are only visible if the clouds are sufficiently high to allow the ice crystals to form. Each ice crystal is a hexagonal shape, which deflects the light of the moon at exactly 22 degrees, which creates the illusion of a halo of light. These special rings of light can be formed during any phase of the moon, but are normally only visible on Earth when the moon is full, because that is when the reflection is strongest. So next time there is a full moon – keep your eyes peeled it really was a spectacular sight!

Of course, if you see, do or hear of anything interesting in Casa de Campo – let us know!

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