Santa Cruz del Gato is a community located just a few miles from Casa de Campo. Located on a river bank overlooking Chavon river, the town has a magical attraction. It boasts wooden houses painted in colors that enhance the exuberant surrounding nature. The Sustainable Tourism Foundation recently received funds from the German embassy to refurbish 25 houses of the town. Foundation as well as community workers joined efforts to repair the houses changing rotten wood planks and improving ceilings. As a result of this initiative, the Sustainable Tourism Foundation is seeking support for a new project: to change the face of Santa Cruz del Gato. The project is to seek the support of Casa de Campo villa owners so as to provide decent housing conditions for the inhabitants of Santa Cruz del Campo as well as to refurbish each house with the local architectural styles. Thus, each villa owner can sponsor a house. The Sustainable Tourism Foundation will provide the information of the houses to be repaired and will introduce the sponsor to the family that will receive the benefit of a new house. By transforming Santa Cruz del Gato into a showcase of Dominican architecture, the STF pretends to create a new tourism attraction. Visitors will be able to see the different architectural styles in vogue in the Dominican Republic and mingle with the inhabitants of the town. The plan also includes a program of reforestation, the creation of small restaurants to be managed by locals as well as wellness centres. Editor’s note: The following guest post was written by Luis Simo, the President of the Sustainable Tourism Foundation (whom also happens to be the Subsecretario at Secretaria de Turismo), speaking of his latest social and tourism focused project, which is set to change the face of neighboring community, Santa Cruz del Gato .