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Sparkling Tips for Casa Ladies: Fall trends 2015

Fall Trends

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Fall TrendsFall is coming, which for many means time for baseball, Halloween, thanksgiving, etc, but for others it has a more fashionable meaning, and that’s the seasonal change of clothes and jewelry!

For this fall we will have such a wide variety of jewelry that we won’t know what to choose! (But of course you girls will have less work with it as you’re going to choose, keeping in mind my tips on necklaces and different styles of them, the earrings and the shape of your face, etc. And not forgetting that the rules are meant to be broken, and that at the end, the important thing is to feel good).

So here I share with you the jewelry trends for fall 2015:

80’s Drama

80s Drama

We will see this style in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And we will see some of these pieces with amorphous forms. The motto of this style is “The bigger, the better”!



Less classic, more modern!



Chokers will no longer be delicate.



We will give movement to our whole look wearing earrings, necklaces or bracelets with fringes.

Baroque Style

Estilo Barroco

We will also see pieces with a baroque style worthy of the Palace of Versailles.

The 70’s


Necklaces with pendants from the 70’s will be back in style

Flower Power

Flower Power

Although we never have flowers in autumn, this fall will be the exception. We’ll have flowers everywhere!

Just One

One Earring

The summer trend of wearing a single earring extends to this autumn. So use just one, ladies. And wear it with style!



Pearls are in! But this time we’ll see them in a more artistic way and even in facial piercings.

So now you’re ready to shop fall fashions!

This article is written by Clarlin Rivera.

Clarlin Rivera – Joyería Contemporánea

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Clarlin Rivera - Joyería Contemporanea_1About Clarlin Rivera

Clarlin Rivera Paredes was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic in 1981, where currently resides. Throughout her career, Rivera has done collective exhibitions at the “San Juan Beauty Show” in Puerto Rico in 2007 and 2011. She was also part of the collective exhibition entitled “Eindwerk” in Syntra Brussels, Belgium, and finally in 2013 at “RotaBazaar “in La Romana.

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