National Symphonic Orchestra

National Symphonic Orchestra

The evening was bustling with excitement as attendees trotted down the many steep steps throughout the Altos de Chavón amphitheater to find a sweet spot prior to the commencement of the National Symphonic Orchestra Christmas Concert.

From a great distance we could see the many members of the orchestra set up, donning all white formal apparel with their individual instruments in hand. It wasn’t until we came closer that we were able to ooh and ahh over the grandeur of their great drums and deep cherry cellos, and later marvel at the poise of those holding violins. Maestro José Antonio Molina took the stage, opening the show with a smooth, peaceful introduction that alerted everyone present it would be a magical night.

Puerto Rican born singer Danny Rivera accompanied the opening piece with the voice of an angel. In his nearly 70 years, his voice hasn’t appeared to age a day offering such a pure sound. The all Choralis female choir from CEMM (Modern Music Education Center for its acronym in spanish) accompanied him throughout many songs, lending not only their youthful charm and attitude, but their light harmonious voices as well. They sang traditional Dominican songs as well as international Christmas carols like The First Noël.

To the delight of everyone present, Dominican superstar, Maridalia Hernández joined the stage, capturing audience members with her vibrant fever and old-school songs. A true performer, she charmed us with her lively dancing, sparkling persona, and incredible vocal capabilities. Por Amor, the duet she shared with Mr. Rivera, brought the crowd to a standing ovation. Audience members couldn’t take photos and videos fast enough to capture this treasure. We have a clip for you! Did you think we could resist?!

Throughout the performance Maestro José Antonio’s entire body emulated the tempo of conducting. With every muscle he heard the rhythm of the music and changed pace swiftly and delicately as necessary. The orchestra’s talent was exceptionally moving and such that the Maestro and Mr. Rivera frequently shook hands to commemorate and acknowledge such a superb and successful shared musical connection. No where else have we been privy to such an artistic combination and masterpiece of blended voices and music.

All in all the evening was magical and a great way to light the Christmas spirit in Casa de Campo. The young and not so young enjoyed the concert to the fullest singing along to all the Dominican and international classics. The simple yet elegant evening was one for the books!

See more photos and videos below and recapture the essence of the passionate performance of the National Symphonic Orchestra Christmas Concert that took place Saturday, December 19:

Danny Rivera at the Symphonic Orchestra Concert in Altos de Chavón Part 1

Danny Rivera at the Symphonic Orchestra Concert in Altos de Chavón Part 2

Maridalia Hernández at the Symphonic Orchestra Concert in Altos de Chavón