Sosiego Phyllis Berney Fatima Renedo Peral Altos de Chavon

Fátima Renedo Peral is one of Casa de Campo’s great socialites. Whatever the occasion, be it the Cartier Benefit (next Tuesday, December 29th, at Casa Grande), or the Café de la Leche, Fátima’s always there with a smile on her face!

But what you may not know about Fátima is that she is also a talented artist. So much so, that The Gallery in Altos de Chavón is currently filled with an exhibit she has called “SOSIEGO” (calmness in English). A great name, given that her eclectic collection of pieces do indeed evoke a sense of calmness.

Clearly inspired by the beauty that is Casa de Campo and the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic, it is easy to feel a connection with Fátima’s work.

Some of her more traditional pieces feature Bird of Paradise flowers, Palm trees and other beauties typical of this tropical paradise.

Other pieces, which will no doubt strike a cord with our Casa de Campo golfers, showcase the Teeth of the Dog in all its glory. One particular piece, and my personal favorite, shows the tee box of one of the most beautiful oceanside holes looking out across the water. This beauty is framed with beautiful green rustic shutters, creating the illusion of looking out through a window.

And finally, there are her more abstract creations. Shapes such as triangles and squares are used to represent the ocean and shore, while Fátima has created texture using the addition of actual sand.

SOSIEGO was inaugurated on Thursday, December 17th, with a cocktail party attended by Casa de Campo villa owners and art aficionados. This exhibit by Fátima Renedo Peral will be open at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón until Monday, January 12th. The Gallery is open daily from 9m to 5pm.

“SOSIEGO” by Fátima Renedo Peral at Altos de Chavón

When: From Thursday, December 17th to Monday, January 12th, 9am – 5pm Where: Altos de Chavón Main Gallery Contact: Ext. 8470

The following collection of photos were taken last Thursday, December 17th, At The Gallery in Altos de Chavón: