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manguFrom Casa de Campo to New York! Great news for Dominican food fans in the big apple – Ricardo Bello Joa, the son of Ricardo Bello and Susana Joa (of Casa de Campo and La Romana) with his wife Miosotis has just opened a new restaurant “Mangú” in Manhattan. manguMangú promises to be the perfect solution for those in New York looking for simple, good, fast food – which prepared by Dominican chefs is as close to “comida criolla” as you’re going to get out of the Dominican Republic! On the menu hungry Dominicans, as well as curious Americans and those who love Dominican food (myself included), will find literally every Dominican dish you can imagine; Mangu, Mofongo, fried chicken, tostones, garlic yuca, beef stew, platano maduro (sweet plantain), salami and of course rice and beans! So next time you’re in New York and you’re craving something typically Dominican – why not stop by “Mangú” for a plate of longaniza (Dominican sausage), queso frito (fried cheese) and moro (classic rice and beans)!?

“As parents we feel very proud that our children have become productive members of our community. Especially in a profession which is so demanding and requires so much sacrifice – something which is undervalued these days.”

Susana Joa, who owns and runs Casa de Campo’s Chinese restaurant Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo
Some of the tantalizing dishes that can be enjoyed at Mangú are:  
Mangú 158 E 45th St. New York (212) 905-0490 Facebook page: Website: