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Soft opening planned for Casa de Campo second main gate

Casa de Campo second main gate

Casa de Campo second main gate

The Casa de Campo new second main gate is open… or so it seems!

While the official inauguration is happening very soon (sorry we can’t reveal the details), when driving up to Altos de Chavón via the main Altos de Chavón road, it seems that the Casa de Campo new second main gate is open – the barriers are gone and you’re free to drive up and take a look.

Unfortunately when you get to the gate, you’ll find that you’re not allowed in or out… at least not yet anyway!

But the good news is that a “soft opening” is planned very soon, and according to our sources will be happening within the next month. During the “soft opening”, only Casa de Campo villa owners, residents or workers with an automatic pass will be able to gain access via this new entrance, all other guests must continue to use the “La Cana” entrance until the new Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club is up and running and ready to welcome new arrivals. But remember it’s not open yet!

Casa de Campo second main gate 1

If, like me, you’re curious and decide to go take a look now, (or maybe just look at these pictures), you’ll notice a few things:

1. There are many roundabouts and additional side roads leading to seemingly nowhere. Well according to Adolfo Despradel, Director of Planning and Design, Costasur Dominicana, these roads are “for future developments”, while the roundabouts “serve to slow down traffic”.

2. It’s not soo pretty… Well what do you expect?! It’s not ready yet. Now that the infrastructure of the road has been completed, Costasur is working with local together with EstudioPWP on the landscaping and steps (palm tree planting etc.) have already been made towards the beautification of the area.

3. There is a small building to the right of the gate (on the opposite side to the Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club). This building is essentially a staff room, where staff manning the gate can eat, take their breaks and use the restroom.

4. The new Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club is facing the street. This was a deliberate improvement over the other main gate to help guests understand where they must go when they arrive. A few other improvements include the size of the lanes of traffic and area for turning around.

As soon as we know more, and as soon as it’s actually open, we’ll let you know!

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