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Football returns for a new season at Casa de Campo with the Real Madrid Foundation School and with permanent Headquarters!

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Ever since Casa de Campo announced their alliance with the ARMID Foundation in 2017, the entire Casa de Campo community has been very excited about the return of football to the Casa de Campo sports repertoire. With the new year, a new season of the Real Madrid Foundation School of Soccer also begins, and the creation of new permanent Headquarters.

The ARMID Foundation – Real Madrid Foundation has been in the country since 2015 creating the first Soccer School in the entire American continent, and opening offices in Santiago and Santo Domingo. Real Madrid, one of the most recognized teams in world football, which through its Real Madrid Foundation and together with the ARMID Foundation, have worked together to contribute to those in need in the country, supporting various social causes and awakening the interest of children and youth in football, king sport in the world.

Following their motto “Train like the best”, the School is designed to improve the players’ individual skills and the best global levels of technical – tactical methodological systems, with a group of certified trainers during the training sessions here at Casa. Plus, they will not only enjoy a great experience learning how to play football like their idols, but they also will share and learn their values: respect, teamwork, transparency, solidarity, commitment, equality, and motivation. 

If you are interested in enrolling your future soccer star, you can still do it! Training begins on January 15th, so contact the Casa de Campo Owners Club for more information or contacts below, and you can download the form here. Do not let your kids miss this opportunity!

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