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Kids and parents rejoice! Soccer is back in Casa de Campo! Casa de Campo along with its partner the Real Madrid Foundation soccer school, one of the world’s premium soccer training schools, will once more open their school in Casa de Campo and there will be promotional soccer clinics to kick-start the program! The clinic will take place on Saturday, August 20th from 4-6 pm.

Following its motto “Train like the best”, our kids will train under the supervision of highly trained and bilingual coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation. They will not only enjoy a great experience learning how to play football like their idols, but they also will share and learn their values: respect, teamwork, transparency, solidarity, commitment, equality, and motivation. 

Mr. Juan Maestre Muñoz will be directing the training sessions this season. He is a certified level 3 technician with over ten years of experience coaching football teams of different categories (from category sub 5 to category senior +18 years) in men’s and women’s soccer in Spain, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. Mr. Maestre has moved to Casa de Campo and is open to answering any and every question that the parents and kids might have. 

The ARMID Foundation – Real Madrid Foundation has been in the country since 2015. The Real Madrid, one of the most recognized teams in world football, through its Real Madrid Foundation and together with the ARMID Foundation, have worked together to contribute to those in need in the country, supporting various social causes and awakening the interest of children and youth in soccer, the king of the world. 

To reserve a spot for future soccer stars you can contact the school at the email or phone numbers below. The classes will also start soon and there are also private soccer clinics available for your kids in case they can’t make it to the practices during the week, we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more info! Parents are also encouraged to be part of this unique experience with their children and are welcome to come to the football sessions to see their kids progress. Don’t let them miss out on this opportunity!