Smash summer sale! Electric, eco-friendly Lumobikes from just US$750!

lumo bikes

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lumo bikesSmashing! Lumo are currently hosting a “Smash summer sale” on their fabulous cost effective, pollution-free and stylish Lumobikes – meaning that you can purchase yours for a limited time only from just US$750! 

Lumobikes, electrically powered mopeds or pasolas are not only cute and the perfect vehicle for running around Casa de Campo on, but as they are electrically powered they are very cheap to run – costing less than US$50 a year in electricity!

lumobikeWhat are Lumobikes?

Here are a few basic facts about Lumobikes:
They do not use any type of gas or oil – just electricity
• They do not create pollution
• They are significantly cheaper to buy, maintain and run than a normal gas-powered motorbike or pasola
As Lumobikes charge on regular power (110V), they are as easy to charge as mobile phones!
• The average yearly cost of running a Lumobike is less than US$50!

The following 2 models of Lumobikes are available to buy in the “Smash summer sale” – the “Meta” for only US$750 (previously US$900) and the “Gaya” at just US$900 (previously US$1050).



Buy yours TODAY – call (849) 353-5866 

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