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Silgon, Inc. (creators of Casa de Campo Living) celebrates it’s 9th year of success!

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Local Altos de Chavon web marketing company, Silgon, Inc. celebrated it’s 9th year of success this last Tuesday the 13th of October, with dinner and drinks at Dom Ham. With plenty of drinks and the delicious Dom Ham food we all had a fantastic and fun time; the perfect way for the Silgon, inc. team to celebrate a year of outstanding accomplishments, prospering despite the current economic climate!

dom ham silgonFor those who do not know Silgon, Inc., it is the web development company that designed, set-up and essentially runs Casa de Campo Living! In fact, Casa de Campo Living is a brain child of Silgon’s president Philip Silvestri, and although he has now handed over editing responsibilities to the new editor Rebecca Hughes (me), Casa de Campo Living is still his baby retaining control as Executive Editor.

Silgon, Inc. is also the birthplace of the massivly recognizable and successful magazine – CasaLife.

Of course Casa de Campo Living is just one of Silgon’s many successful online as well as offline projects.  Most notably to our readers, Silgon is also the company responsible for building the new Casa de Campo Website (, the Central Romana Website ( and even the Hogar del Nino website (, Marina Casa de Campo (

Silgon, which moved its corporate offices to Altos de Chavon, back in 2004, has been working directly with some of the Dominican Republic’s most prominante companies (as well as various US and European companies) in developing websites, online marketing strategies and over the last year – Social Media Marketing strategies. Social Media Marketing strategies is essentially the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter etc,) for marketing purposes, so if you came to this page via your Facebook page, you can understand exactly how this works!

If your company needs a new sexy website (like ours), then Silgon, Inc, can help you! Give them a call today and learn how Silgon can help your business reach new clients!

Silgon, Inc.
Altos de la Piazzetta, Altos de Chavon
Casa de Campo, La Romana, Rep. Dom.
Tel: (809) 523-2744 • Email: [email protected]

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