explorelaromana web site

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explorelaromana web site

Tourist destination La Romana – Bayahíbe has a new website! Recently Silgon Inc., Marketing, Web Development & Publishing Services, launched  the new bilingual website  explorelaromana.com, where you can find fascinating places and activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful area.


The new website is an initiative of the La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster and the Association of Hotels La Romana-Bayahibe, whose aim is to showcase all the wonderful things to do within the destination – to encourage more tourism to the area.

On the new website for explorelaromana.comwhich has had a complete redesign (from content to the graphic)- you can discover eco-adventures, cultural destination, as well as all the many sports, beaches, weddings, foods and excursion options. Also included is a list os all the Cluster and Hotel Association’s members.

In April 2013, Silgon Inc.- creator of the local guide TODO Casa de Campo, CasaLife and INMORTALES magazines, as well as popular Casa de Campo community website casadecampoliving.com– also launched a local guide called TODO La Romana-Bayahibe, which is already ensuring both international and national tourists enjoy everything there is TO DO in the destination, and now thanks to the new website these same tourists will be able to plan and explore the destination before they arrive.

[Destination guide TODO La Romana-Bayahibe was created by Silgon Inc. in conjunction with the La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster thanks to financial aid provided by USAID, administered by the CDCT. ]

We interviewed Ana Garcia Sotoca, director of the Association of Hotels La Romana-Bayahibe on her experience working with Silgon, Inc. and she kindly replied:

@cdcliving:Why choose Silgon to develop your new site?

Ana García: The La Romana-Bayahibe Tourism Cluster and the Association of Hotels La Romana-Bayahibe, decided to work with Silgon on our website rebuilding for several reasons. The first is for the high quality of the work that has Silgon done in the past, but also because they’re great collaborators of ours, and since their integration as active members in the La Romana-Bayahibe Tourism Cluster they have always shown a clear commitment to the development of the destination. Obviously, being a company located in La Romana, they have a profound knowledge of the area, which can provide more accurate information of the attractions of the destination.

@cdcliving: What can you tell us about your experience with silgon?


Ana García: Like all the times we’ve worked with Silgon, the experience has been excellent. We find in them great allies, advisors, and above all a company that is responsible for providing beneficial solutions for those who work with them. The final website is excellent, and is in fact is being very well received.

What made the website development process with Silgon less painful than those produced with other companies?

Ana García:  All the Silgon team are excellent professionals. We especially like their work system – the flow of communication and creativity.

@cdcliving: Would you recommend and continue using Silgon’s services in the future? 

Ana García: Of course! Not only for the performance of web pages, but for the realization of publications, including Destination guide TODO La Romana Bayahibe – which together with www.explorelaromana.com – represent the best tools to promote La Romana – Bayahibe, both inside and outside the Dominican Republic.