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For many children and teenagers all around the world, summers are for enjoying what you love! The Fundación Real Madrid soccer school has decided to extend their training schedule so that all the young soccer players of our community can have a chance to practice and learn more about the sport they love in a safe environment!  

From June 14th to August 31st, our kids will learn to play better soccer in this ‘serious but fun’ soccer school designed to improve individual skills and awareness levels. They will not only enjoy a great experience learning how to play football like their idols, but they also will share and learn their values: respect, teamwork, transparency, solidarity, commitment, equality, and motivation. 

Fundación ARMID – Fundación Real Madrid has been in the country since 2015 opening schools in both Santiago and Santo Domingo. Real Madrid, one of the teams with the highest tradition in world football, together with Fundación ARMID works together to contribute to those in need in the country by supporting various social causes as well as and awaken young children’s interest in football.

If you are interested in enrolling one of your future soccer stars you can still do so! You can contact the Casa de Campo Owners Club for more information, via email or calling 809-523-2079/2080.

There are also private soccer clinics available for your kids in case they can’t make it to the weekly classes and would like to practice during the weekend. Parents are also encouraged to be part of this unique experience with their children and are welcome to come to the football sessions to see their kids progress. 

Don’t let them miss out on this opportunity!