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Chavón The School of Design invites you to participate in next month’s intensive course Figure drawing course, taught by Jacinto Lam that will take place in Altos de Chavón starting on Monday, September 5th until Friday 9th. 

This intermediate-level drawing course is an intensive course on the representation of the Human Figure, emphasizing its characteristics, and general and particular proportions of the parts that compose it. Basically, line exercises and some chiaroscuro details will be carried out according to the requirements and development of learning, and basic elements of the composition applied to the gesture caused by the model will be seen and in turn deepens the practice of perception and muscular control as indispensable instruments for the fulfillment of the proposed objectives, through the use of a live model.

In each class, there will be a brief warm-up (approximately 20 minutes) of quick drawings of the complete figure and some details. Each class will have a theoretical introduction supported with information complementary print and visual support. Most of the class time will be the practice the theoretical aspects of drawing. 

Learning something new or perfecting your skillset is always fascinating and productive, which is why we recommend all the Chavón Summer courses. You’ll be taught by excellent teachers who are all experienced professionals in their industries. There’s still time to sign up, click here to register now! 

About Jacinto Lam

Professor of Illustration at the Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial, Havana, Cuba.

Professor of Two-dimensional Design, CHAVÓN The School of Design.

Professor of Illustration and Drawing, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC).

Professor of Visual Arts, Lux Mundi School.

*Featured image from a previous course in Altos de Chavón