Shopping in Casa de Campo: Eco Planeta Caribe – electric golf carts, scooters, bikes & solar solutions for your home

eco plantea caribe

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eco plantea caribeMeet Eco Planeta Caribe – a new (ish) store located on the Paseo del Mar in the Marina Casa de Campo who offer sales and rentals of stylish electric scooters and golf carts, as well as solar golf carts and solar power solutions for your home!

As Eco Planeta Caribe are a relatively new business to open in Casa de Campo and because they sell some very cool, stylish and eco-friendly products, we thought we’d help you get to know them a little better!

So here is a summary of all the services and products offered by Eco Planeta Caribe:

Electric Golf Carts

golf cart

The selection of electric or “eco” golf carts at Eco Planeta Caribe is extensive. They offer everything from the standard 2-seater golf cart “Eco Golf Cart 2” (US$7,990) and the “Eco Golf Cart Classic” (pictured above, US$15,490) to the stylish and modern “Eco Golf Blitz” (US$16,490) and the “Eco Golf Mini Bus”, a 14-seater electrical bus (US$24,990).   

Solar Golf Carts

solar golf cart

The “solar golf carts” available at Eco Planeta Caribe are powered by both electricity and the sun – meaning that not only are the good for the environment, but you will save 50% to 90% of your charging cost, depending how much you use it.

Electric Scooters

electric scooter

Eco Planeta Caribe offers a variety of electric-powered “Eco Scooters” starting from US$1,190.

Golf Cart and Scooter Rentals

Golf Cart: from US$30 per day
Electric Scooter: from US$20 per day
Electric Bike: US$20 per day

Golf Cart and Scooter Maintenance
Eco Planeta also offers maintenance for all kinds of Golf Carts, scooters (gasoline and electric) and even bikes.

Solar Solutions for your home

solar panels

In a country like the Dominican Republic, where the sun shines almost non-stop, implementing solar power for your Casa de Campo villa is a great way to not only save money (you may even reduce your electric bill to nothing), but as solar power is a renewable energy source – you will be doing your part to protect the environment too!

The investment in a solar energy system can be recovered in 3 to 7 years, depending on the potential tax advantages that Dominican law (57-07) is offering to support renewable energy projects.

Let Eco Planeta Caribe come to your villa to assess your premises in terms of energy needs and sustainable solutions.

eco planeta caribeEco Planeta Caribe S.R.L.

Paseo del Mar #2, Marina Casa de Campo

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm
Tel: (809) 523-2301
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ecoplanetacaribe.com
Facebook: Eco Planeta Caribe S.R.L

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