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casa de campo shooting

 Casa de Campo’s impressive and extensive shooting facilities include the onsite 245 acre Shooting Centre, with over 200 stations for trap, skeet and sporting clays and pigeon rings  as well as “Rancho Peligro”, a wild bird reserve outside of Casa de Campo where “Driven Shoots” take place. In fact, Casa de Campo’s shooting facilities are considered by many to be among the best in the world.

Shooting at Casa de Campo – The Basics

Open: 8am – 5pm
Tel: (809) 523-3333 Ext.5145

• Skeet & Trap (25 shots): US$37
• Skeet lesson with assistant instructor (25 shots) : US$55
• 25 pigeons (50 shots): $329
• Sporting Clays rounds (100 shots): US$174
• Sporting Clays rounds (50 shots): US$119

Classes with the shooting director, the assistant director and the junior assistants are available starting at US$141 per person including 50 cartridges.

The Casa de Campo Shooting Centre boasts the following facilities:

2 Pigeon Rings

casa de campo shooting

At the pigeon rings, pigeons are released in 25 bird strings.

To view photos of a recent pigeon shooting tournament, click here!

Sporting Clays 

casa de campo shooting

The Casa de Campo Shooting Center, centered around the formidable 110ft red and white tower boasts more than 200 different stations, which catapult the clay targets into the air at different heights, speeds and angles, each one designed to represent the movement of different animals such as pheasants and rabbits.


casa de campo shooting

At the Colombaire pigeon ring, birds are released by hand in 20 bird strings.

Driven Bird Shooting at Rancho Peligro

casa de campo shooting

Rancho Peligro is a beautiful wilderness reserve owned by the Central Romana Corporation (who also owns Casa de Campo) and is less than an hour’s drive outside of Casa de Campo, or mere minutes if you fly in by helicopter as the shooters of the Sugar Shooting Tournament did.

At Rancho Peligro, shoots of driven pheasants, partridge and mallards take place with private shoots tailored to individual requirements, offered on specific days, year-round. Walk-up quail shooting over beautiful pointers is also available in the early morning or late afternoon.