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Everyone in life has one or more reasons to be grateful, and every year more things are added to the list, which we remember and celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November of each year. The tradition of Thanksgiving began with the banquet that the pilgrims made to celebrate their first harvest in the new world. This celebration has a traditional symbolic menu that includes: the turkey stuffed with bread, potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pie, and to accompany it better than a good wine.

Each home is unique, and we can give it a personal and differential touch with the wines, and we have a great variety to choose from, among which are:

Vine grape Pinot Noir (fruit forward) This grape is original from France, its wine is light, medium-level alcohol, soft on the palate.
Vine grape Garnacha from Spain (fruit forward) you can serve the turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, they are a good complement.
-If we can offer a sparkly wine you can buy a Cava either white or pink or rosé sparkling wine from California, Argentina or a Crémant d’Alsace, France.

And this celebration does not have to end when the dinner is over, why not keep enjoying a little more with our family and friends! It is a day to be grateful and share a good drink of tequila, either to the rock or mixed, depending on your personality you can also find the ideal tequila for you.

-Tequilas blancos The purest variety of tequila, with a sweet flavor due to cooked agave because it contains sweet honey.
-Tequila Reposado It is a white tequila that has been aged 6 to 9 months in oak barrels, a light golden color and a delicious aroma, yet its flavor is stronger and more spicy than white.
-Tequila Añejo Its flavor is usually more intense than the rest.
-Tequila extra añejo Its flavor is more powerful and having an extra time gives it more sweetness, more spicy tones and therefore more wood flavor.
-Tequila flavors And for those who have a happy and extroverted personality are these tequilas of flavors which can give an extra-personal touch to the night.

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