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Shake, bat and ball… meet the champions of the Dueños tennis tournament 

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Dueños 2014 tennis tournamentDuring Dueños 2014, on Saturday the 22nd of November, the adrenaline was pumping at the La Terazza Tennis Club on the most active day of the Casa de Campo calendar.

While all across the resort, Casa de Campo villa owners took part in a wide range of different activities such as yoga, the Casathon, shooting, horseback riding, polo and golf, our very own Casa de Campo tennis stars were primed and ready for the long-awaited Dueños 2014 tennis tournament, which started bright and early at 9am.

The tournament was played as a round robin, so that every player, competed against every other player in his/her group and the winners were determined at the end. The competition was divided into 4 categories: juniors, male and female, while the adults played doubles, male and female.

Expertly organized by Casa de Campo director of tennis Emilio Vasquez, with the help of his excellent team, the event was a great success.

Below, you can see the results of the various categories:

Casa de Campo Dueños 2014: Tennis Tournament


Champion: Ivonna Sosa and Idarmis de Velazquez
Sub-Champion: Larraine Isa and Mirta de la Cruz


Champions: Gerard Mershal and Teddy Heinsen
Sub-Champions: Enzo Canto and Antonio Esteban

The following collection of photos were taken during the Dueños 2014 tennis tournament at La Terraza Tennis Club in Casa de Campo: 

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