Ah the joys of life in the Caribbean, one day you’re out on the Teeth of the Dog in Casa de Campo playing a round of golf and the next you’re stacking sandbags against the windows and awaiting the imminent arrival of a hurricane…..

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For those of you unfamiliar with the climate and weather of the Dominican Republic, despite what you may think hurricanes are a rarity here – in fact only 13 hurricanes have hit the Dominican Republic in the last 117 years, an average of 1 every 9 years. That said, it looks like Tropical Storm Irene is set to develop into a hurricane, which will hit the Dominican Republic tomorrow, Monday the 22nd of August, so if you are here, unlucky – it’s time to batten down the hatches!

Tropical Storm Irene – where is she and what is she doing?
As many of you already know I am not exactly a weather expert, more of a weather fanatic, however the following information about ‘Tropical Storm Irene’ soon to become ‘Hurricane Irene’ has been gathered from a variety of reliable news sources:
• Tropical Storm Irene is currently located over the Virgin Islands (Sunday August 21st)
• According to the Weather Channel (channel #93), the Tropical Cyclone system seems to be forming an ‘eye’ – which is currently a ‘centre of rotation’
• There has been a ‘drop in pressure’ which indicates that Tropical Storm Irene is gathering strength and may soon  become a hurricane
• Tropical Storm Irene will be passing over Puerto Rico tonight (Sunday 22nd of August)
• Once Tropical Storm Irene has passed over Puerto Rico in the night, she is expected to have gathered strength and organisation, becoming a hurricane by approximately 8am tomorrow morning, when she will hit the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.
• Once a hurricane, Hurricane Irene is not expected to form beyond a category 1 hurricane – meaning that any associated damage resulting from the hurricane should be ‘minimal’
• Hurricane Irene will be the first hurricane of the 2011 Tropical Cyclone system to hit the Atlantic basin

Although there is still a chance that Hurricane Irene may head to the North of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic is currently under a ‘hurricane warning’, which means that you should be preparing yourself now!

Are you prepared?
We are hoping to hear some official instructions for coping with Hurricane Irene soon, however for now, we recommend you prepare by taking the following actions:
• Bring all furniture indoors
• If you can – board up your windows
• Gather a supply of food and water
• Disconnect valuable electronics
• Identify a ‘hurricane safe room’, where you can pass the worst of the storm. An ideal room would have no windows (and preferably a toilet!)
• Turn off all breakers except for the one which supplies the room where you will be
• Prepare a ‘hurricane kit’; blankets, torches, food, water, books, cushions and pillows – to have with you in your ‘hurricane safe room’


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Tropical Storm Irene passing over Puerto Rico, Sunday pm

We suggest that you follow the movements of Tropical Storm Irene / Hurricane Irene closely so that you can be fully prepared, the below links are fantastic sources for keeping up-to-date:

www.nhc.noaa.gov – The National Hurricane Centre

www.weather.com – The Weather Channel

Stormpulse.com – Great storm tracking device

ONAMET.gov.do – the Dominican Republic’s official weather warning people (this one is in Spanish)

Twitter: We recommend following NHC_Atlantic – for regular tweets on Tropical Storm Emily’s progress.

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