Altos de Chavon

Sentimental reflections by students on their time at the Altos de Chavón School of Design

Altos de Chavón School of Design

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All who come to know Altos de Chavón fall in love with its majesty. Residents and visitors alike are in awe of the handcrafted gem that is our artisan village, and sitting among its cobbles laid by hand is a school so special, so unique, that it transforms the lives of all who are a part of it. The Altos de Chavón School of Design which was founded in 1983 goes beyond providing graduates with technical degrees and instills inside them a fervor for creation and an innovative spirit that lasts a lifetime. 

In a matter of two short years, students progress personally and professionally, harnessing their true character and form of expression. An incredible faculty along with invited lecturers at both the primary campus and campus in the capital help foster the vision and genius that lies within its carefully selected student body. Yearly, the School of Design seeks to enroll individuals who are committed to the school’s challenging curriculum and devoted to absorbing all that the institution has to offer. With crossover in various departments, students develop an elaborate skill-set and acknowledge that personal success comes from the collaboration of many.


In the video above surrounding the school’s 33rd graduation, students reflect on their time at the school and what it means to be a “Chavonero.” Katiuska Familia from the Department of Fine Arts describes it well when she says: “This diploma is not only a reflection of my efforts, but of all those that surround me. It represents the effort of all of my teachers, it represents Chavón’s investment, it represents my personal sacrifices, and now it represents my future.”

As an affiliate of the Parsons School of Design, students can apply to continue their degrees at the prestigious institution in New York. Each year Parsons awards scholarships to Chavoneros and this year they go to Lía Sued in Visual Communication, Ernesto Rivera in Fine Arts, and Karla Dipuglia in Fashion Design. A huge congratulations to these scholarship recipients and the entire class of 2017 as they go on to fulfill their dreams and put their mark on the art world!

To see more work by the Altos de Chavón School of Design students CLICK HERE to view the Art Chavón 2017 catalog where you can purchase pieces to aid the foundation’s scholarship program.

Donna Karan Chavón School of Design

Students of the Chavón School of Design working with Donna Karan during her 2013 workshop.


Chavón Santo DomingoFounded in 1983, The Altos de Chavón School of Design offers careers in applied arts in the areas of Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Fashion. This type of intensive two-year program provides the graduates with an associate degree at a technical level, which provides them with a solid education that enables participants to compete as professionals in the field of design and arts both locally and internationally.

Graduates of the School of Design are eligible to transfer directly to Parsons School of Design in New York. More than 2,000 Dominicans and students from around the world have graduated from the School of Design, demonstrating that a solid background in design, parallel to an emphasis on the development of the industry is the best formula for a successful career.

The highly practical and market-oriented curriculum, provides students with a unique set of skills that allows them to be easily inserted into the work environment.

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