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“SELECTION Winter Issue” Art Exhibit at the Jenny Polanco Project

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Untitled designThe Dominican artists Luis Rivas, Luis Molina, Danessa Santana, Michael Robinson, Laura Isabel, Sarah Haddou, Marion Wilson, Jesica Lewit, Gaby D’Alessandro, Andrea Ottenwalder, Ezequiel ​Taveras, Mónica Lapaz and Alma Peguero will be in Altos de Chavón presenting “SELECTION Winter Issue” art exhibit THIS Saturday, December 19th at the Jenny Polanco Project.

“SELECTION” art exhibit is a collaboration between the Jenny Polanco Project and Casa Quien, with the aim of recognizing the works of Dominican contemporary artists, many of whom are graduates of the Altos de Chavón School of Design. The works are of various media, from drawings and sculptures to art-wear.

Casa Quien is an art space opened and owned by Amy Hussein (former student of the Altos de Chavón School of Design), and is a place where emerging and established local and international contemporary artists have the opportunity to showcase their work.

Thanks to the “Selection Winter Issue” these pieces will be on display for our enjoyment with the opening THIS SATURDAY, December 19th at 7 pm, and will be up for two months.


Selection Art Exhibit at Jenny Polanco Project

When: Saturday, December 19th, 7pm

Where: Jenny Polanco Project, Altos de Chavón

Casa Quien

casa_quien_logoCasa Quien is located in the historic zone of the colonial city (Ciudad Colonial) of Santo Domingo.

Casa Quien was born in May 2014 as an initiative by Amy Hussein that responds to non-traditional art gallery structures. It has a space formed by the Gallery, the Art Boutique and Artists in Residence Program. The Gallery will present the work of emerging and established local and international contemporary artists. The Boutique Art specializes in original art, prints, books, crafts, curios, one-of-a-kind (unique or produced in limited quantities) products among others for a variety of contemporary artists.

For more information on Casa Quien and artist and their pieces in the gallery and the Art Boutique visit their website (click here) or FaceBook, or follow Casa Quien: @casaquien on Instagram, @casaquien and on Twitter, Casa Quien on Pinterest.

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