SBG Piantini 2
SBG Piantini 2

Did you pay close attention when reading the 2015 Dueños Events Program? Because we did, and although Casa de Campo has not officially announced anything, the Events Program says that on Friday, October 30th at 4pm at the La Romana Country Club there will be an SBG Lighthouse tasting. And adding things up, we think this means that SBG is coming to the Casa de Campo Marina Lighthouse!

UPDATE: Casa de Campo Resort & Villas has just confirmed the news! SBG Group will in fact be setting up shop at the Paseo del Mar Lighthouse at the Marina Casa de Campo. It has been confirmed that the venue will provide late-evening dining and that it is set to open on December of 2015. The Lighthouse will be equipped with a lounge with live music, a modern pool  and a restaurant which will fit 200 seated people. We will bring you more information as we get it, so stay tuned!

Mind you, let’s reiterate that Casa de Campo Resort & Villas has not officially commented on this, but given that they are handing us an events schedule with that information, we just can’t help but to spread the love and excitement!

SBG, which stands for Sophia’s Bar and Grill, is everyone’s favorite dining spot in Santo Domingo. Whether you frequent Sophia’s flagship location at the Paseo de los Locutores in Piantini, or Café SBG at Blue Mall, you know that it’s some of the best food you will find in the city, and we can’t wait to taste some of the excellent food in Casa de Campo.

While establishments at the Lighthouse of the Marina Casa de Campo’s have varied throughout the years, we are pretty sure that something awesome will be cooking with SBG there!

Given that the source or the “rumor” is pretty reliable – Casa de Campo itself, now all we have left to do is to go over to the food tasting on Friday and find out! Click here for the complete Dueños 2015 program of events. 

See you there!

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