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The annual lobster ban is officially underway! Craving the savory sea critter? Well you’re going to have to wait until June 30th! From March until June it is mating and reproduction season for Caribbean lobster. Eight years ago, in 2010, the ban was placed on these crustaceans during their breeding season because of over fishing causing a decrease in the numbers of the species. Placing this “No Lobster” ban is an attempt to balance out the numbers and avoid Caribbean lobster extinction!

Even if you are in a place that offers lobster, even if you’re out for an afternoon boat trip and see plenty of lobster, do not buy them! Vendors selling them are disregarding the ban and threatening the existence of Caribbean lobsters such as spiny lobsters, spotted spiny lobsters, and spiny rock lobsters.

The ban is respected across the Caribbean and Central America, and to protect the delicious shellfish it is essential to support this ban for the next few months! Anyone that is found disrespecting this ban could be fined up to US$50,000 as well as serve a jail sentence of up to 10 years. By saying no to lobster for a few months, you are guaranteeing the continuation of enjoying the savory shellfish for years to come! Just think about how rewarding that first lobster will taste, post ban, knowing you did your part in saying NO to lobster!


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