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Great news! The Altos de Chavón Farmers Market will be back on Saturday, November 26th, so save the date! 

Local vendors will once again come together to offer an array of fresh produce, herbs, spices, flowers, and even baked goods! Here you will also find a beautiful selection of pieces made at our local artisan shops, as well as exclusive Farmer’s Market merchandise crafted right here in Altos de Chavón.

Start off your day with delicious treats to have on the spot while you gather up the week’s healthy shopping list. Find spinach, arugula, parsley, eggplant, fennel, ginger, tomatoes, onions, carrots, yucca, papaya, coconut— you name it! The farmer’s market is a fantastic event that encourages local biodiversity and supports local vendors.

The tenth edition of the Altos de Chavón Farmers Market will take place on Saturday, November 26th in the gardens in front of Genesis Nightclub. It is a great place to find local artisan crafts, and fresh produce and mix and mingle with the rest of the community! Don’t miss it!