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Mark your calendars for a unique occasion that intertwines elegance with philanthropy. Esteemed fashion virtuoso Silvia Tcherassi invites you to an exclusive trunk show on September 23 and 24.

Set against the backdrop of the La Romana Country Club in Casa de Campo, this gathering is more than a mere exhibition of style; it’s a gesture of support for two meaningful causes—the Fundación MIR and the Hogar del Niño.

Silvia Tcherassi stands tall as a trailblazer of the fashion landscape, an innovator, and a trendsetter. Revered not only by the style-conscious but also by the French cultural establishment, she has been honored with the Officier de L’Ordre Arts et Lettres, a prestigious accolade recognizing her profound contributions to the arts.

Tcherassi’s signature Latin-infused aesthetic blossomed on her native shores, where the allure of the Caribbean intertwined with her artistic soul. Adeptly transitioning from interior design, she embarked on a trajectory that now commands the fashion world’s center stage. Her designs graced the official platforms of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, affirming her indelible impact.

“Silvia Tcherassi,” her eponymous brand, transcends continents, with 15 flagship stores spanning Europe, North America, and South America. Her creations adorn revered department stores, premier boutiques, and exclusive online fashion destinations.

Within the Silvia Tcherassi Atelier realm, haute couture converges with skilled craftsmanship, birthing exclusive pieces that intertwine art and fashion. From captivating wedding gowns to bespoke wonders tailored for discerning patrons, Tcherassi’s creations grace runways worldwide. Bedecked with sequins, tulle, and intricate lace, these meticulously crafted garments resonate with fragility and fortitude—an emblem of Tcherassi’s artistry and duality mastered.

So, as September beckons, villa owners, residents, and visitors are invited to converge at the La Romana Country Club to immerse themselves in Tcherassi’s elegant designs and contribute to the noble causes that benefit from this confluence of fashion and art.

*Photos from Silvia Tcherassi IG page.