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Save the date: 3rd Annual Lionfish Tournament

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lion fishSave the date! Support Fundemar’s 3rd Annual Lionfish Tournament on the 13th of December, and stop the spread of this invasive species of fish! 

Every year, Fundemar gets together with local restaurants, dive shops, and fisherman in order to organize and put on a community lion fishing tournament aimed at helping to stop the threat of the spread of the invasive lion fish species here in the Caribbean and prevent the loss of biodiversity that accompanies their presence in an area.

lion fishFundemar’s past annual tournaments have seen more than 900 lion fish eliminated from local waters by more than 80 participants, made up of both local community members and visitors looking to get involved. With your help, we can make this year’s tournament the most successful one yet and put a stop to the lion fish threat!

The tournament will take place during the day of the 13th of December with participants competing to hunt as many lion fish in the area as possible. At the conclusion of the tournament, there will be prizes in a number of different categories. At the end of the day of all of the participants get together with other members of the community to eat the catch and promote the fish’s consumption! Isn’t this a wonderful idea?!

It costs about $2,000 dollars to put on the tournament in order to pay for the equipment, banners, prizes, t-shirts for participants, and food to cook with the lion fish. Approximately half that amount will be raised from event sponsors here in Bayahibe and La Romana, but they also need donations from the public to help make up the difference.

We need YOU to help support us and our mission to protect the region’s biodiversity! If you would like to sponsor the event or make a donation please contact the La Romana – Bayahibe Cluster or Rita Sellares of FUNDEMAR

  • La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster: (829) 520.9152
  • Rita Sellares in FUNDEMAR: (829) 714.0616.

Why hunt Lion Fish?

The lion fish is an invasive species that poses a grave threat to the marine ecosystems in the region. A voracious predator, it reproduces rapidly and faces no natural predators in the area to keep its population under control. Studies have shown that there is an 80% decrease in the biodiversity of coral reefs in which the fish is found.

The tournament is meant to massively fish the species in the area and promote its capture and consumption within the community in order to control the invasion and raise awareness of the threat that the fish poses to our coral reefs.


Other Ways You Can Help

Besides donating money, you can contribute by spreading the word about FUNDEMAR and this campaign whether it be through email, facebook, or old fashioned word of mouth. Also, visit you can visit theur website and ‘like’ their facebook page. And by all means, come down to Bayahibe on the 13th of December and become a lion fish hunter yourself!

Together, we can work to protect the marine environment and ensure that it is available for the enjoyment of generations to come.

3rd Annual Lionfish tournament

Where: Bayahibe – Dominicus area

When: Saturday December 13th, 2014

For more details please contact:

  • La Romana – Bayahibe Tourism Cluster: (829) 520.9152
  • Rita Sellares in FUNDEMAR: (829) 714.0616.

We look forward to seeing you there!


FUNDEMAR is an organisation dedicated to the promote, advise, plan and maintain sustainable use of the marine ecosystem and its resources through research, education and conservation policies. It has a technical team based working on science, vocation and efficiency, who develop projects with the misson of accomplishing the organisation’s objectives.

FUNDEMAR website:

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