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Sarah Jessica Parker visits Altos de Chavón and the Marina Casa de Campo

sarah jessica parker

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sarah jessica parkerWorld-famous actress, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted recently in Altos de Chavón and the Marina Casa de Campo!

According to a conversation I overheard, (yes I was eavesdropping – I’m a professional journalist don’t you know), Sarah Jessica Parker was a guest at the Casa de Campo hotel, over the weekend of the Hogar del Niño fundraising event!

Whilst sadly we did not personally spot Sarah Jessica Parker out and about enjoying Casa de Campo – a few lucky members of the Casa de Campo community did, so here is what we have pieced together from our Casa de Campo community contributors about Sarah Jessica Parker’s visit to Casa de Campo:

Friday February 17th 2012

Alexa Mclay and Bianca Lynn Abreu bump into Sarah Jessica Parker doing a little shopping at the Nacional supermarket in the Marina Casa de Campo – we believe this was the superstar’s first day in Casa de Campo so perhaps she was stocking up on essentials for here Casa de Campo vacation villa?

Here Alexa Mclay, tells us about her encounter with Sarah Jessica Parker:

“Bianca and I met her last friday at National! She was with her two little kids, and two other women that we did not recognize. We asked for a picture but she kindly said that she does not like taking pictures when she is with her children, however she did say she would give us an autograph so she gave Bianca and I each a seperate autograph on our receipt and asked for our names and where we lived and where in New York I lived and that we were lucky we had the chance to live here. My autograph says ‘To Alexa with all my love- Sarah Jessica Parker xoxo’ , and Bianca’s says ‘To Bianca love Sarah Jessica Parker xoxo’.”

Saturday February 18th 2012

Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted with her twins in Altos de Chavón by Nicole Dickson, who was brave enough to ask the actress for a photo, but was declined, Sarah Jessica Parker politely explained that she doesn’t do photos when she’s with her children. Nicole was then very excited to exchange a few brief words with the the fashion idol from “Sex in the City”, who when asked if she was enjoying her stay replied “Thank you, it’s nice weather, I’m truly sorry about the pic thing” and even gave Nicole a nice smile and said she would like to visit Altos de Chavón again!

Understandably rather thrilled by her chance encounter with Sarah Jessica Parker in Altos de Chavón, Nicole posted this on facebook:

“She was with her twins, they are so cute!!! super blonde! and she is super skinny, exactly like she looks in TV, me soprendio mucho how simple she was and nice. Also, dressed low key, if you don’t spot her face, it’s impossible to tell if she is a celebrity or not. Her nose (no offense) was my guide for confirmation! 😛 She was strolling like any other “Chavonera” in her heals.”

Also on Saturday, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted by Jacqueline Lopez, who did manage to sneak a cheeky photo (see above) – which shows Sarah Jessica Parker clearly in Altos de Chavón (those stone cobbles and wooden benches are unmissable). In the photo she looks to be wearing formal attire, as do the people around her…which leads us to speculate that perhaps she was attending a wedding?

Guest privacy!
Casa de Campo does attract rather a lot of celebrity guests (Vin DieselPitbullMarc AnthonyManolo Cardona, Amaury Nolasco, A-Rod, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Akon etc….  ) choosing Casa dePitbull, Beyonce, Manolo Cardona, Amaury Nolasco, ) – because it is private. And so to protect the privacy of our celebrity guests – we will only ever publish an article about a celebrity visit, AFTER they have left the Casa de Campo resort. It may mean that we are bringing you slightly “old” news – but everyone deserves to vacation in peace!

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