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Steve Sampson, with a total of 30 points, obtained the best gross score, to be crowned champion of the tournament “ElSerLibreYFeliz” International Golf Open 2018, an event successfully held in at “The Links” golf course of the prestigious resort Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in the City of La Romana, dedicated to George Bell, former Major league baseball player and Most Valuable Player (MVP). Also, the most outstanding lady of the contest turned out to be Josefina Pichardo with 26 points. William Veléz Cordero, president of the non-profit association “ElSerLibreYFeliz”, coordinating institution, thanked the institutional support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the National Council on Disability (CONADIS), and the companies that did possible this effort in favor of the students of the School of Special Education Padre Sebastián Cavalotto. Other winners Stefano Varacalli with 46 points, obtained the first place valid for the best net score in category A. The second place in the category A corresponded to Fred Kask Jr. With a score of 35 points. In category B, the first net place went to Ramón Cruz 40 points, escorted by Mickey Flaquer, who finished second with 36 points. Among the companies that supported the event were the Central Romana Corporation, Ltd, Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, ARS SIMAG, Productos Higueral, Brugal & Compañía, Cerveza Canita, Dom Ham Restaurant, Grisolía & Asociados (Lawyers), Clínica Canela, Agente of Cambio Quezada, Dominican Golfers,, Joan Leonardo & Asociados, La Casita Restaurant, Marina Casa de Campo, Events & Catering (by Gladys Quiñones), La Grasa Restaurant, La Entradita Parrilla & Bar, Ice & Water El Eden, Luminos Lighting, Casa de Campo Living, CasaLife Magazine, and Echiee Transportation. The next gallery of pictures was provided by the foundation El Ser Libre y Feliz, were taken during the golf tournament on December 2nd:


El Ser Libre y Feliz El Ser Libre y Feliz is aimed at helping poor institutions dedicated to educating, protecting and developing children with disabilities or who are at risk. Their vision is to lower discrimination to facilitate children and young adults ease into society. Their desire is that they can lead productive and independent lives with a high self esteem and grow without limitations in an environment of acceptance and respect. Andrés Velez, Founder Phone number: 829-785-4905 William Vélez, President Phone number:  809-742-0617 Contact: