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Safety Guidelines to remember over Spring Break

Casa de Campo safe driving

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As we approach spring break and see the arrival of many people in the resort, there are a few things to be remembered about how life works in Casa de Campo. Though the Dominican Republic as a whole may be notorious for crazy driving habits or nights spent partying into the wee hours of the morning, peaceful living within our piece of paradise comes with a logical set of rules.

Casa de Campo is a residential area inhabited by a multinational community of individuals who are respectful to one another, on and off the road. We receive visitors everyday who are unaware of the local “idiosyncrasies” and expect it to be safe as well. Driving cautiously and a low speeds are mandatory. There are people walking, children playing, folks riding bicycles, and families traveling in golf carts who are due considerable respect to feel secure on or near the roads and pathways.

Casa de Campo

The speed limits are 35 km/h and 50 km/h in main avenues. There should be no minors driving vehicles, golf carts, or four wheelers! While passing golf carts, please be aware of your surroundings — recently I witnessed a young driver pass a line of golf carts at way too fast of speeds, who then had to swerve back into his lane to avoid an oncoming car. It is completely unnecessary to be so rushed within the resort! With many more people out on the roads and enjoying recreation next week, it’s imperative to be cautious. Here, preference is given to pedestrians, seniors, golf carts, and bicycles. Additionally, we should consider those frequent speed bumps as a reminder to how we all need to do our part in adhering to the safety guidelines — they are there for a reason! 

Casa de Campo safe driving

As the community abides by a friendly code, we also refrain from “honking” and only park in established places, not in the gardens or grass entrances of villas. Littering is prohibited — we want to preserve Casa de Campo’s pristine landscape that makes it beautiful and enjoyable by all. This includes taking care of the common areas of the resort, which extends to the pools and the rules governing their use. Lastly, while you’re at home and celebrating with friends, please remember to keep the noise levels down to a reasonable level. Music played too loudly, and especially late into the night, is disrespectful to surrounding neighbors and is a disturbance to the community’s lifestyle.

Let’s remember to be conscious of proper behavior so that Casa de Campo can remain the serene retreat intended! Overall, it’s a family environment meant for recreation and peaceful living. HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE SEMANA SANTA!

Costasur’s Rules & Regulations for Semana Santa

Costasur Rules & Regulations Semana Santa

For emergencies, call: 809-523-3333.

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