As we have previously reported Sabrina Brugal from ‘Sabrina en fin de semana’ was in Casa de Campo recently filming for her famous travel TV show. The Casa de Campo episode was aired on July 25th and featured a number of Casa de Campo’s well known hotspots and interviews with a few popular faces.

In our previous post we brought you the YouTube videos of the first 2 parts of the show – an introduction, an interview with Philip Silvestri (my favourite part), a kayak trip on the Chavon river and a visit to the Shooting Centre. To view this, click here.

Below you will find parts 3 and 4 of the show, which feature fashion boutique Carmen Sol NEW YORK and the new La Caña Restaurant and Lounge by Il Circo, in the new hotel area.

Sabrina en fin de semana – part 3
A tour around the fashion boutique Carmen Sol NEW YORK, which has 3 stores in the Marina Casa de Campo and a new store in the main hotel area. To read more about Carmen Sol NEW YORK, click here.

Sabrina en fin de semana – part 4
Dinner at La Caña Restaurant and Lounge by Il Circo