The first Russian Quilting Exhibition in the Dominican Republic will close on Monday the 23rd of April. The exhibition which opened nearly a month ago on February the 26th has thus far been a big hit with both residents of Casa de Campo and visitors to Altos de Chavon. The exhibition is currently on display at the Altos de Chavon Cultural Centre Foundation and is well worth a visit – you will be impressed by the vivid array of colours and awed by the intricate patterns and designs.    
Each quilt is a magical work of art, displaying age-old russian traditions woven together in innovative and colourful designs, said to be an expression of the artist’s soul. As well as quilts the exhibition features patchwork and charming rag dolls, all hand crafted by talented Russian artists, and are equally fascinating. The exhibition brings together the efforts of master patchwork artisans from all parts of Russia and has been organized by the Russian Quilters Association ( together with The Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation.
A little bit more on the art of Russian Quilting
Patchwork sewing (or Russian quilting) is an ancient folk art, which is undergoing a rebirth in modern-day Russia. This rebirth began in the 1990’s and today many Russian towns and villages have their own talented and skilled craftsmen who produce these wonderful quilts. The Russian Quilters Association, who organised the Exhibition in Altos, bring together the work of more than 50 independent craftsmen from across Russia.
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So if you are yet to visit this unique and thrilling exhibition – make sure you go before (or at the latest on) Monday!