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The (delicious) sounds of construction have just begun in the restaurant space next to Papa Jacks (where Melissa’s Pastry Boutique used to be), which leads us to believe that something NEW is coming to Altos de Chavón! VERY EXCITING! Although everyone “in the know” is being very secretive about what is coming, we have heard that it is Oneburger – a gourmet/boutique burger joint from Miami.

I must admit I don’t know much about Oneburger and as this is nothing more than a RUMOR, no-one was very keen on telling me much, but what I have discovered (God bless you Google!) is that Oneburger is not just ANY old burger place – they have a concept, a vision, and are true burger enthusiasts!

On their website (, Oneburger’s founder, Daniel Guiteras describes their unique burger goal as “to create a modern burger (using the highest quality ingredients), that is a cut-above the standard fast food prototype, but still more affordable than a higher-end restaurant burger.”

Sounds good! You can’t argue with the words ‘highest quality’ and ‘affordable’!

On their Miami menu they have 15 different types of beef burgers, including the ‘Philly Burger’ (sauteed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and american cheese) and the ‘Frita Cubana’ (seasoned Cuban style with finely chopped raw onion, shoe-string fries and salsa de tomate) – and both are only USD$6.95, thats about RD$250.

In addition to beef burgers they have chicken and turkey burgers, seafood burgers, house-made organic veggie burgers and a broad selection of sides (yuca and sweet potato fries!) and salads – even a daily soup selection. Rounding out the menu are “old school” milkshakes in a variety of inspired flavors like white chocolate oreo and strawberry vanilla bean.

Everything sounds simply delicious – I literally want to try it ALL!

Of course IF Oneburger does open here (remember this is just a rumor), then they will probably have to make some adjustments to the menu…….but Oneburger if you are coming please keep the ‘Asian Spicy Tuna’ this description has my mouth watering ‘seared (rare) spicy AHI tuna over romaine leaves tossed with carrot, zuccini and yellow squash in a ginger-lime vinaigarette, garnished with crispy wonton.’

This is one rumor we REALLY hope will come true – hopefully in time for Christmas! Come on OneBurger all I want for Christmas is you!!!