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RUMOR ALERT: New Saltwater pool and Beach Expansion

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We’ve just caught wind of a RUMOR*, telling us that our resident star architect, Gianfrano Fini, is working with Costasur to build a salt-water swimming pool, as well as a much deserved expansion to Minitas Beach. We have no details about this… yet, though we would assume that the beach, logically, would have to expanded back. This would make sense given last years re-routing of the road to the Marina.

No word as to the truth of this matter, nor when it wold take place. However, given what we know about construction in the DR/CDC, if is safe to assume that this project would probably take 3 ~ 4 months to complete, which means that unless they are willing to risk disturbing tourists during the peak winter season, then this is something we’ll probably not be seeing or hearing about till early/mid 2009… if at all.

*We have not received any confirmation about this rumor. For all intents and purposes, this could be a total fantasy or fabrication… but then again, there may be some truth to it. Either way, its all unconfirmed.

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