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Having already gained a strong following of Ron Atlantico aficionados here in the DR, Ron Atlantico is currently taking the US (particularly Miami) by storm, with a series of tastings and parties! In fact, Ron Atlantico’s popularity has grown so much that according to the Golden Barrel Rum Awards, Atlantico Rum is the Best Solera Rum on the market! And not only that, but it has also been named in the ‘Huffington Post’ as being a “gorgeous rum,” – fair praise given that it is indeed delicious! Here we bring you a little sneak peak into Ron Atlantico’s party travels through Miami and Florida….

Partying at the Columbus Day Regatta in Miami with Ron Atlantico!

The Southern Wine & Spirits “Outer Limit” tour recently hit South Florida, and Atlantico Rum was there.

Atlantico Rum sponsored a benefit for New Hope Charities at Nick and Johnnies in Palm Beach, FL

The new Soho Beach House in Miami Atlantico Rum and Padron Cigars teamed up for an event for their cigar club. Bar Lab Created the cocktails and even made their own bitters for the Old Fashioned using a cigar for the bitters.

Ron Atlantico Tasting at Sunset Corners in Miami

Celebrities LOVE Ron Atlantico too!!!

Andy Garcia, Gloria & Emilio Estefan enjoying a bottle!

Boris Becker relaxing in the sun with his bottle!

Joe Pesci: “Hands off! This one’s mine”

Have you tried Ron Atlantico yet? If you haven’t or if you have and need some more Ron Atlantico is available in the following places:

  • The Nacional Supermarket in the Marina Casa de Campo
  • Block and Barrel in the Marina Casa de Campo
  • Jumbo supermarket in La Romana
  • The “Las Americas” airport in Santo Domingo
Ron Atlantico – we love it, do you?