Health is never something that should be ignored. In Casa de Campo, we have our very own physical therapy practice and the only private facility in the country! Established in Miami, Pinecrest is here in Casa De Campo to provide vacationers and villa owners the ultimate health and wellness experience. 

What used to be seen as purely a post-injury action, physical therapy is constantly evolving and developing preventive measures to strengthen bodies and maintain good physical condition. Romer Trinidad García is Pinecrest’s new physiotherapist representative in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Trinidad is a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) in Santiago and has also studied in Panama.

General training for various muscles, liability detection, improving coordination and flexibility, and workout recovery techniques are just a few departments that physiotherapists are concerned with. One visit to the physical therapist may alert you to underlying issues you already have before they become larger problems. 

Whether you are an athlete or not, repeated stress and conditioned movements can have negative, long-term physical effects. Something as simple as improperly sitting at your office desk, driving your car, or even sleeping can lead to tension. Did you know a headache can be the result of deep-rooted knots that are putting pressure on your spine?

We’re big fans of Pinecrest’s Thermotherapy and Electrotherapy recovery methods. A massage followed up with heating pads helps to continue relieving tension in the muscles, while a post-massage of electric currents will directly stimulate and treat the nerves and muscles in question, reducing internal swelling.

We highly recommend you visit the center, get to know it, and take advantage of all the benefits that a personalized treatment plan offers you.

Pinecrest Physical Therapy Casa de Campo

Location: Casa de Campo Health and Wellbeing Center

Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact: Phone: (809) 523-3333 Ext.5185; Email: