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Everyone who knows Altos de Chavón knows that the Italian set designer and stylist Roberto Copa, who died in Rome in 2010, was the genius behind the look of the place, its inimitable romantic cobblestone alleys and picturesque buildings. Each stone, every pebble’s placement, was overseen by this intensely dedicated designer. His obsessive vision is the legacy that makes the place the Dominican landmark it is today, a living monument to his style and aesthetic.

Few know it, but Copa was constantly drawing and making watercolor or gouache paintings in his spare time. He was a stylist with skill, flair, and sensitivity to the beauty of nature. The themes of his decorative works were often sea creatures, butterflies, and birds.

The drawings on view in the Altos de Chavón Gallery have never before been seen by the general public. The Gallery was given this body of Copa works by a private collector, and the proceeds from the purchase of these reasonably priced, framed pieces will go to the Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation and to the School of Design’s Scholarship Fund. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire one, or a charming grouping of several, of these meticulously drawn, hand-painted studies by Chavón’s master decorator. This is a chance to own a piece of Altos de Chavón history, one that would be a welcome addition to any Casa de Campo Villa.

The show will be mounted on the Gallery’s second floor, but only for a short time, from January 29 to February 8.

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