Altos de Chavon

Ricardo Toribio @ The Altos de Chavon Gallery

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Ricardo Toribio was born April 11th, 1965 in a small place called Monte Adentro, in Santiago de Los Caballeros. He is a renowned artist in the art world, being tagged as immortal, due to his creativity and simple, yet eye-catching, painting techniques. But Toribio is not just a talented painter; he is also a composer and plays the guitar and other percussion instruments, and if that doesn’t quite impress you, this man is also a darn good poet. Toribio brings to Altos de Chavon his famed “Dominicantos” where he tries to show the musicality, creative lyricism and iconography of the Dominican people.

In the artist’s own words, Dominicantos “is an island, seen from heaven, but when you get closer you notice that this bright light is an archipelago where lots of little islands sit on sparkling blue water… full of color with mixed tones and shades…”. This is worth checking out… The opening cocktail will be the 8th of August @ 7:30 p.m.

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