Renovations Nacional

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Renovations Nacional

Nacional Supermarket in the Marina Casa de Campo closed on June 1st and renovations continue. So what’s the update.

Well for those of you paying attention, the original re-opening date was July 1st, so the update is RENOVATIONS CONTINUE. Or rather that our beloved supermarket in the Marina Casa de Campo will not yet be re-opening, but according to our contacts at Nacional, the store is due to open at the end of July.

All good things come to those who wait

But don’t despair! When the Nacional Supermarket in the Marina Casa de Campo does it reopen you can be sure it will not only be BIGGER than before, it will also be much BETTER! So you see some things really are worth waiting for!

Renovations Nacional Continue

So what are they doing?

1. Replacing all the fridges and freezers

“We will substitute all the fridges for modern eco friendly Italian equipments”, a representative from Nacional Supermarket told Casa de Campo Living.

2. La Bodega will be moved to the ground floor

La Bodega, the supermarket’s liquor area will be moved to the ground floor.

3. More fresh foods

The area of fruits and vegetables will be amplified, as will the deli area.

4. More storage space

“Out back” where the supermarket keeps things not on the shelves will be larger.

5. Faster, easier checkout.

“We will have more space in the cash register area”, said Nacional.