Mozos Famosos, Rebecca Hughes, Jose Lopez, Patricia Proano

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We would not want you to miss the “Fiesta de los Mozos Famosos” party, so just to remind you, this Saturday the 8th of November, the Club de la Costa will be filled with great food, interesting waiters/waitresses and lots of fun!

The Mozos Famosos (famous waiters), with the aim of making life sweeter in Río Salao, will entertain their guests as well as serve them and with local personalities such as Philip Silvestri, Dr. José López, Xiomarita Menéndez and Patricia Proaño among those taking part, you are in for a very pleasant evening!

The concept of the “Fiesta de los Mozos Famosos” was created by Freddy Ginebra, founder and president of the Casa de Teatro in Santo Domingo. A well known lover of the arts, and philanthropist, Freddy Ginebra is helping the Fundación Río Salao prepare this year’s grand celebration and will also act as the head waiter. Also taking part as a waiter (a Mozo) is José Antonio Rodríguez, Dominican Minister of Culture and Ricardo Bello, founder of the Fundación Río Salao.

So if you still have to choose you waiter/waitress, here is a list of all of the Mozos Famosos available: Ricardo Bello, Jose Ignacio Morales, José Reyes, Fausto Reu, Frank Micheli, Freddy Ginebra, Campos de Moya, Xiomarita Menéndez, Kiko Micheli, Cuquín Victoria, Juan José Santana Medrano, Carlitos Pichardo, Gricelle Lahoz, Fernando Echavarría, Fernando Flaquer, Karina Noble, Rebecca Hughes, Philip Silvestri, José López, Patricia Proaño, Roberto Martínez, Bienvenido Santana Güilamo, Checheo Rivera, Jorge Sturla, Saadia Rivera, José Antonio Rodríguez, Jenny Polanco, Erika Vilain, Eladio Uribe, Resemery Santos, Héctor Dario Núñez, Eduardo Jana, Flavia Anneli, Emanuela Giovannetti and Mariano González!

Fiesta de los Mozos Famosos!

When: Saturday November 8th, 7pm

Where: Club de la Costa, Central Romana, La Romana

Cost: RD$2,500 per person

Buy your tickets now:  

As each waiter / waitress is responsible for selling their own table, to buy tickets for the REBECCA HUGHES table, which will of course be the most fun (even if I am completely and utterly biased…), or the PHILIP SILVESTRI table, you can reserve your tickets at:

SILGON, (809) 523-2045,

Contacts:, (809) 307-2729 / (809) 697-5796
(In case you want a different waiter or more information.)