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The 31st annual Sugar Shooting Tournament came to a beautiful close with a celebration dinner at Casa Grande on April 28th under a starry sky. Though the day had scattered showers, the evening was clear and cool, perfect for the elegant affair. Arriving to the celebration, beautiful lights lit up the intimate space set up for participants of the tournament and their guests. The first Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament took place in 1988, hosted by J. Pepe Fanjul in celebration of the opening of a new and improved shooting facility. The tournament consists of numerous different shooting tournaments; game shooting every morning at Rancho Peligro, Sporting Clays, Five Stand Re-entry Clays, Two Man Flush, Pool Shoot, Live Pigeon Race – Barnabee traps, and Colombaire. The evening began with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while guests mingled and shared stories from Rancho Peligro, Casa de Campo’s own private wilderness reserve, and from Casa de Campo’s 245 acre Shooting Center.  After enjoying cocktail hour, guests were escorted to an intimate dinner followed by an awards ceremony where prizes were given to winners from different categories. The celebration was a perfect end to the 5 day competition! This year marked another successful shooting event thanks to Gary Salmon, Director of the Shooting Center, and his team who coordinated the tournament.  Each year, the tournament brings skilled participants of all ages from around the world to compete with one another, and this year was no different! Congratulations to all of the competitors!
SUGAR SHOOTING TOURNAMENT: 100 SPORTING CLAYS: Class AA: Mason Berry Class A: Michel Jose El-Hage Class B: Patty Culnen Class C: Daniel Jose El-Hage Class D: Norberto Azqueta Jr. HANDICAP: 410ga. Jaime Bonetti 5 STAND CUP: McMakin Leigh POOL SHOOT: Joe Morales TWO MAN FLUSH: James Gubelmann & Mason Berry 100 FLYERS RACE: Jason Willoughby COLUMBAIRE: José Pepe Fanjul FIELD SHOOT DAY 1: Jerry Seay FIELD SHOOT DAY 2: Chris Drummond FIELD SHOOT DAY 3: Chris Meigher III FIELD SHOOT DAY 4: Howard Cox GUBELMANN CUP: Andres Fanjul HIGH OVERALL CUP: Lawrence Berry NOTES:
  • The High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP” is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in the events based at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center (does not include the Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shoot at Rancho Peligro.)
  • The High Overall Cup is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in ALL the events
  • Shooters cannot win more than one event
The following gallery of photos was taken by Wilfredo Alvarez on Saturday, April 28th at Casa Grande during the closing event for the 31st annual Sugar Shooting Tournament: