The second annual ChiChiGua Fest is THIS Saturday the 5th of February at the casa de Campo polo fields, so to help you get fully prepared we thought we’d remind you of all the fun we had at the first ChiChiGua Fest – back in February 2010!

The first ChiChiGua Fest took place on Saturday the 20th of February 2011 and united more than 300 members of the Casa de Campo community in an afternoon of kite-flying craziness! There were big kites, colorful kites, crazy kites, beautiful kites, kites that wouldn’t fly, kites that flew so high they disappeared from view, huge hexagon kites, a dragon kite, a dragon-fly kite, Altos de Chavón kites – most of which fluttered in the air and created quiet a show in the sky! Everyone spent a fun afternoon flying (or trying to fly) their home-made or shop bought kites, enjoying the BBQ and at the end of the day we held a prize-giving ceremony, when we gave out lots of prizes for the best kites!

To read more and see many more photos of last year’s event, click here.

The video below was created using the images from the ChiChiGua Fest 2010:

Chichigua Fest 2010: meet the prizewinners…..
For many the ChiChiGua Fest 2010, wasn’t just about kite-flying and fun – it was about winning and/or having the best or biggest kite! Last year we gave out more than 12 different prizes for the many different, weird and wonderful kite creations (this year we also have 12 different prizes – to read about this year’s contest and prizes, click here!)

Here you can see some of the winners of the ChiChiGua Fest 2010!

To see all our photos of the prizewinners, click here!!

Don’t forget the ChiChiGua Fest 2011 is this Saturday the 5th of February!

When: Saturday the 5th of February, from 10am
Where: Casa de Campo Polo Fields
Cost: Entrance is FREE (although there will be a small entrance fee for the ChiChiGua contests – see below)
Attractions: ChiChiGua contest, BBQ, 3 inflatable games (juegos inflables), beer tent and a kite-building workshop
ChiChiGua Contest Registration: From 10am
ChiChiGua Contest Prize Giving Ceremony: 5:30pm