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December in Casa de Campo is always one of the most spirited and lively times of the year, with numerous back-to-back parties, holiday events, and live music concerts. On December 28th, the Casa de Campo and La Romana community danced the night away with Rubby Pérez and now we’re taking you through a spin at the other parties that took place! 

Mago Gody and Kris Joe Band

Community members brought their children for a family-themed Christmas party in Altos de Chavón. A magic show with Mago Gody, a visit from Santa Claus, and live music with Kris Joe Band made these events tons of fun for all!

Coro Armonía and Orquesta Dekada

Carols by the Armonia Choir is a holiday tradition in Casa de Campo that celebrates Dominican and international Christmas music. It’s one we look forward to yearly! Later that night, Casa de Campo community members and guests celebrated Christmas day at a traditional Dominican party with the Dekadas band. Everybody at the Chavón plaza was ready to dance the night away with an amazing repertoire that the group had prepared for the celebration, some even joining the group on stage! 

Chavón Live!

Starting at 8:00 p.m., live music started with a stellar mix of songs that had everybody dancing as soon as the first note played! Excited children danced on stage, chasing patterns of lights, and everybody happily sang along to the tunes with several other couples, families, and friends.