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Time travel with NEW exhibit at the Chavón museum

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Regiona Museum Altos de ChavónIn its zeal to educate us on everything there is to know about the indigenous people of the Dominican Republic, the Regional Museum of Archaeology in Altos de Chavón, invites you to travel back in time and enjoy a new exhibit: Unity and Diversity in the Amerindian Caribbean. 

Unity and Diversity in the Amerindian Caribbean displays pre-columbian artifacts found during an archaeological dig carried out by the University of Leiden and the Museo del Hombre Dominicano (Museum of Dominican Man) between 2005 and 2008 in the area of Cabo San Rafael, within Cap Cana.

The artifacts discovered through these investigations showed the constant human mobility of the indigenous people, as well as the exchange of  goods and ideas between the indigenous Caribbean communities – long before colonization.

Much more than ever before was discovered about the early settlers of the island; of their subsistence, the peculiar way they built their homes, how they buried their deceased, their works of art, their rituals, their relationships to other indigenous populations from the Caribbean and about the first encounters between the Indigenous community and the Europeans. You can learn all about this in the new exhibit.

Regional Museum of Archaeology in Altos de Chavón
Altos de Chavon museum

Altos de Chavon museumThe artifacts found in Cabo San Rafael were exhibited last year in the “Museo del Hombre Dominicano” in the city of Santo Domingo. And today you can enjoy the exhibit in Altos de Chavón, presented on panels with images and detailed information is on display so that each of us can make a trip to our past. “This exhibit is very interesting because our country in general needs to know about our heritage” said Yanet Castillo, the coordinator of education at the museum.

As you go in, you will immediately see the first panels of the new exhibit, with information in both English and Spanish.

The Regional Museum of Archaeology in Altos de Chavón is open on daily from 9am to 9pm, and the new exhibit will be open for approximately 3 months (until the end of October), which is why we would like to motivate you to visit the Regional Museum of Archeology Altos de Chavón and make the most of this opportunity to learn all about the early settlers of the island and Europeans.

Altos de Chavon museum

About Unity and Diversity in the Amerindian Caribbean

The exhibition Unity and Diversity in the Amerindian Caribbean presents the social and economic connections between Caribbean island Indigenous communities, unearthed through advanced research techniques applied to archaeological sites. Investigations at El Cabo allow us to see that human mobility and the exchange of people, goods and ideas was constant and sustained, evidencing how important continual communication was for pre-colonial and early colonial Indigenous Caribbean communities and highlighting the social and cultural region’s dynamism.

Altos de Chavon museum

El Cabo San Rafael

The El Cabo archaeological site is located in the eastern Dominican Republic in the Punta Cana area. The settlement is located on a rock promontory, and consists of a mounded area with an abundant presence of clay griddles, pottery, shell and stone artifacts, as well as few human burials. Its surface is approximately 4 hectares (150m wide x 300m long) of rocky coast.

El Cabo

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