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Oh Casa de Campo, what’s not to love about you?

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Seeing the Buzzfeed craze that has everyone doing lists we thought it’d be fun to do our own list, one we are sure will have everyone feeling very identified. Here are the 30 Reasons nobody can help falling in love with Casa de Campo seen through Instagram photos.

1. Casa is literally the definition of living where you vacation.

2. Many even call it paradise.

3. Coffee breaks look like this…

4. …and brunch always goes in style.

5. Beach weather is our everyday weather…

6. …and the beach is never more than 5 minutes away.

7. Colombian models vacation here…

8. …and even Fernando from Prison Break!

9. Vin Diesel actually has a home here.


10. The bartenders at Chavon are our friends…

11. …And we all bond over having at least one embarassing memory on these cobbles.

12. Where else do you get views like this?

13. …or sunsets like this?

14. And food like THIS!?

15. We’re never lacking good rum…

16. …And we have the coolest community pet

17. In fact we’re so cool Greece moved to Casa!

18. CDC knows how to party….

19. …On the beach ’til sunrise

20. …Or on a boat ’til nightgfall

21. And to relax after the party…

22. Golf courses are so good even non-golfers want to play them…

23. …’cause who can resist the way the Teeth makes you look like a pro?

24. Everyone here is fit…

25. …And really into sports

26. So much we even paddleboard in the pool

27. We don’t need Paris Fashion Week…

28. …And the legends come play for us

29. We give our sympathies to those who have to leave this place, ’cause hey…

30: You call it a moment…we call it LIFE

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